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Parker Sims
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United States
NOTE: Temporarily taking a break on Sonic drawings for a video game some friends of mine and myself are making! Concept art of the game will be posted for a while (No idea how long for)

I'm Parker Sims, no one special, just a guy who love to doodle and scribble. I also do roleplay, mainly on Twitter, but I will be expanding my roleplay and POSSIBLY might give my characters a fresh new start on here (somewhat) and I'm only doing roleplay with my Sonic characters.

My language is explicit English, fair warning. I enjoy Sonic fan made characters but be warned, the rating for each character is each different. The most adult stories would be Jazz's story, the Orchid Mafia, and Rogue's stories. Viewer discretion advised when you read certain image descriptions.

I will also be posting characters from my own japanese styled cartoons, western cartoon and comics I plan on making.

I do take commissions for free, so feel free to ask me to draw something great for you any time! I will always respond!

(Temporarily doing traditional art due to computer problems)


MMORPG Idea character
This is a character idea I have for the game being made. No name yet, but I have ideas for her. Not going to any info about her plot though :P
Do you ever get that feeling that something REALLY bad is going to happen? Something that will effect you personally and will send you into a crippling depression instantly and just can't get over what will happen when it happens?

I don't know why, but I suddenly have this feeling of dread that something awful is going to happen in the near future, like a loss is going to be coming. I don't know why, but that is just what I feel. I have a fear that I'm going to be losing someone close soon in some way and I don't know how or why, it's just some sort of feeling that I have been having for the past few weeks. Only thing is, everyone I know who is close to me is fine and well and everything good, but I just have this feeling that some sort of accident might happen. No idea why, maybe I'm just crazy? That's probably it, what are the chances of something happening? Right?

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Shattak The Dark


Represented Color: lime green

Origins Of Shattak, The Prequel Story of Shattak

The Solaris Project; everyone knows that a major catastrophe had happened years ago, but there is much more to the Solaris Project than what most people know. The Solaris Project is a work of science, and all science experiments run MULTIPLE tests, never just one, Iblis and Mephiles were only the last incident of the experiment, but what about prototypes? Or even prior tests? Well, the incident for the Solaris Project with Mephiles and Iblis was not the first, but it sure was the last. A prior accident, the first test of the Solaris project that was an absolute failure, creating a miserable dark being that the flames of Solaris could not handle, Shattak the Dark. Unlike Mephiles, Shattak did not take the form of a shadow, it was darkness in a similar appearance to ash, but more dangerous and highly toxic. The ashes spread and pollute the lungs of many scientists and causing damage to technology in the lab. The darkness forcefully tried to become one with Iblis and form Solaris; however, Shattak was far too unstable, causing a major distortion to Solaris's time capabilities, causing Shattak to split into many other Shattaks through time and space. The outcome was too catastrophic that Shattak had not been aware that it made other Shattaks with paradoxes happening nowhere and everywhere, yet no one somehow noticed. Shattak was assumed to have been wiped away from existence according to surviving scientists in the Solaris Project, when in all reality, it was forced into a time and space rift, traveling to other worlds in 1 second into multiple pasts, presents, and futures. It was all so confusing, but time was never meant to be understood.

    Despite many Shattaks existing, the one Shattak we know (for now) was sent to a world called Valius, 984 years to the past. Shattak was unconscious and still just ash when it arrived to Valius. When it woke, it made an attempt to create a solid form, but it just couldn't do it, it was difficult for it to form a body of its own. Shattak did not know how to use the power it had, and, it did not even know what it was, this darkness was still new to the world; however, with how much of a struggle it is to form itself, it did get upset with the struggle. Shattak was just about to explode in a rage and just scatter its ash everywhere and cause a giant storm of ashes until a man found Shattak. A blue-green nomad hedgehog with a gift of clairvoyance arrived to this strange area that Shattak is located. The man saw this living ash and a look of horror had filled his eyes as his clairvoyance had shown him the future of the world covered in nothing but ash and everyone breathing their last breath as they choke on ashes. Shattak was curious about this strange man and so its ash floats toward the nomad, but the nomad quickly reacted in fear as he saw  the ash move towards him and screamed, running fast. The scream made Shattak jolt in shock and its ashes scattered but remained in the vicinity it had awoken from.
    Not long after, knights and mages had arrived to the scene with the nomad leading them. Shattak was once again curious about these Valians in shining armor and cautiously approached them, with a slight fear of what might happen if they saw it, but nonetheless, its curiosity overpowered its fear. The nomad quickly saw Shattak and exclaimed in fear "There! The ash beast!" Knights had seen this strange being and did not know what to think of it as they hold up their large shields and mages use fire magic on Shattak. This fire only made Shattak freak out and shriek in terror, but once the flames had made contact with its ash, memory of Iblis and the Solaris project rushed to the disembodied mind and upon impulse, it broke out in chaos as the flames only made it bad for the knights and mages by turning the ash into black fire, turning fire into darkness in a form of flames and harming all of them in this dark flames and ashes. The nomad watches in terror as all these men die in front of him "So my vision is true... This world will end and nothing can stop it..." He lost his mind and just laughs "We're all dead and nothing we can do will change our fate! Our fate has been sealed, the rapture has begun! The rapture has begun! Take me oh black ashes of my god!" And with that, Shattak then wrapped around the nomad's body upon impulse once more like it was in its nature and turned this nomad's body ash grey, deforming his teeth into monstrous sharp teeth and large fangs, deforming his fingers into claws and reshaping the pupils of his eyes, fusing the two together and giving Shattak a form of its own and laughs with the madness of the nomad as Shattak now has eyes of the future. Now Shattak could see the future, the world engulfed in darkness. 
    The thoughts, belief, and knowledge of the nomad are now corrupted into darkness with the mind of Shattak to control now. Shattak however, did not know if that is what it really wanted. Sure, it's destructive and unstable, but, destroying a whole world? That sounds like a bit much. Shattak, now a he, and a body, was just about to leave the area, when a woman then appears, an orange lynx with green eyes and wore rags of a poor person, she had been following the knights and mages out of curiosity, she even overheard the nomad's plea from before and quickly drops to her knees, bowing down to Shattak. Shattak simply walks past her and ignored her as he walks to the town where the nomad had went, retracing his memory on where the town is. The woman followed him from afar, Shattak knew, but he did not pay attention to her. Shattak knows what the nomad knew, but it wasn't enough knowledge, he wants to know exactly where he is and hopes that maybe, just maybe, he can make peace with these people. 

    When he arrived, he was quickly recognized. People saw the nomad, but with an altered and deranged body with a look in his eyes. People backed away, as others pointed their fingers and shout "Monster!" "Beast!" Knights arrive at the scene and they too recognize the nomad's body in this sudden monstrous change and drew their swords. Shattak put his hands in front of him defensively and tries to explain, but it only made them get more aggressive with Shattak. Shattak felt fear, trying his hardest to not use his ashes in fear. A guard plunged his blade into Shattak's body, He felt this pain from the nomad's body and screamed out in pain as ashes then come out instead of blood and all the ash swarms the guard, the ashes go into his armor and burned the flesh of his body at the exact part of skin where the ash touches. The guard was dead and Shattak tries to apologize, but then rope was brought out and people begin to tie him down. He tres his absolute hardest to not fight back, but it was no use, they wouldn't listen and Shattak cries out in pain to get them off him while he's dragged on the ground with rope binded on him. Just when Shattak was about to be dragged off to who-knows-wehre, the woman who followed him came and attacked the Valians pulling him by the rope and cut him loose, telling him to run. He quickly stood up and ran out of the town successfully. Shattak had no idea what to do now, and just thinks to himself, not knowing what to do now and thinks about what the Valians called him, "Monster" "Beast."

    "... I- I'm not a monster, I am not a monster!" he looks at his hands and walks to a pond to look at his reflection "... I am a monster. This face, it wasn't my own, I took his face, I stole his form, his voice, senses, mind... I took his soul." He then thought to himself "I took his soul... and I felt myself become stronger... maybe, I was meant for this?" Shattak did not want to accept this life, it is far too terrifying for him to imagine such a dreadful life.
    8 months have passed since the incident of his arrival, Shattak had ran far away from the town ever since, he wouldn't dare show himself there again, he would be remembered, who else had heard about that incident? He did not know what to think. In the next town, no one even noticed Shattak as the nomad, just some stranger, but pedestrians would often glance to his over sized fangs and claws, but never took drastic measures to assume "monster". Shattak was pleased that no one in this town new who he was, there was one problem; however, guards eyeballed Shattak from a distance, he could feel their eyes on him and it made him nervous, some ash would come out of him but he did his best to keep his body together as he takes a sharp turn into an alley. "It's nothing" he would tell himself "It's all nothing." at the other side of the alley, an inn would be seen, an inn, a place where Shattak could relax for a bit. Without hesitation, he went inside and with ease, but fear came back to him as he sees guards posting wanted signs with Shattak's face on them. he quickly cowers to the darkest corner of the bar and sits there in silence until the guards leave. As soon as they did, a strangely hooded person would walk to the poster and rip it off the wall, then rented a room at the inn and entered the room. Shattak felt the need to know who was generous enough to remove the poster. Did this person know him? What if it's a trap? He quickly stood up from his corner and cautiously walked to the room. The hooded person stood, facing Shattak, this mysterious Valian had been expecting him, no surprise there. There is definitely a surprise for Shattak, when the Valian removed the hood, the one under this hood was the lynx who had helped Shattak before, but this time,her eyes glow bright orange and her fur seemed darker than before. "I've been looking for you, my lord. I, am Eridole. I wish to serve you in darkness." and she had bowed down to him. Shattak would shake his head "Let's not be formal about this, Eridole. I don't want to use the darkness. I'm just looking for peace." Eridole had a look of disappointment on her face 
    "There is no peace, and darkness is needed here my lor-"
    "My name-" he didn't really have a name for himself, he thought for a moment "My name... Call me Shattak."
    "Yes, lord Sh-"
    "Just Shattak."
    They had spoken for hours, Eridole constantly tries to convince Shattak that he needs to complete the prophecy of the clairvoyant nomad, but he simply kept refusing "Can't we all just live?"
    Eridole has had enough and nodded "Fine, at least let me serve you for as long as I live." She was very disappointed, "Your perspectives will change when you see how rotten this world is towards people who live by darkness." Shattak shook his head, denying her words. "You'll need a hood, and you'll need to lie low for as long as you can. Ever since your exposure, guards have been hunting you down and the king of North Region has already made notice of you."

From then on, Shattak and Eridole have stuck together, having each other's backs and would learn how to use the darkness to their control and after a longer while, they had built a temple using darkness. They lived happily and became close, and with how much of the world Shattak had seen, he started to understand their purpose living life and enjoying even the little things. On one fateful day, a group of scouts came across the temple and quickly reported this temple to the North King. Shattak's clairvoyance spotted these scouts already "We've been discovered."
    "Is that bad?"
    Shattak would shrug "I doubt it, with how long we've been here, maybe we can convince them we're not dangerous."
    Eridole would nod, throughout her time with Shattak, she was more peaceful with the world than when she had first met him, seeing what he can see in the world.

The following night. Valians would come to the temple with torches and silver swords. Knights, mages, even citizens arrived up in arms and in anger of these dark beings. Eridole steps out to speak, but just as she was about to speak, she was cut off "There's the witch! Get her!" People quickly charged, she was about to use her darkness to defend herself but Shattak came out and used his own darkness to create a wall of ashes "This is a place for peace! Do not bring your hostility to my temple!" 
    The people would refuse to reason "We will never have peace with your kind here! You killed an innocent man and stole his skin to wear! You killed tons of guards and destroyed a whole town in one night!"
    Shattak was not aware of a destroyed town, as for the nomad, he couldn't argue "What town?"
    Eridole had this look of guilt on her face "After I rescued you... I killed everyone in the town. Shattak, I'm sorry, they were going to execute me."
    Shattak closed his eyes and shook his head "I can't argue, they would have probably executed you if you didn't fight back-"
    Valians cried out "Witch! Beast! Burn the witch and kill the beast!"
    Shattak would turn to them "We mean no harm! You just pressure us! Scare us!-"
    Mages with white magic disbanded his ash wall and people would charge with their fire, burning anything in the temple that could catch fire and had brought ropes for Shattak and Eridole "The darkness cannot feel fear! You can't deceive us!" 
    Shattak pleads "Stop! This is our home! Don't destroy it! It's all we have!" he would use his ashes to put the fire out, but instead, that fire just turned black and spread, causing more damage to his home and Valians cried out "It's retaliating! Kill the beast!" Mages approach Shattak and Shattak would back up to the wall as they corner him "I don't want to fight! Please! Stop before I lose control!" Though he may have had practice with his darkness, he still could not gain full control of it, it was hard, he could only hold it back so much. He then heard Eridole scream "Shattak! Help me! I'm burning!" Instantly, Shattak's eyes widen as he stops holding back and blasts the mages out of the way to rush to Eridole, but only to find her burning alive on a cross as part of the mob would cheer out "Justice!"

    "Eridole!" He shouts, he was about to use his darkness again, but he then remembered his darkness only turns fire into dark fire that he still has no full control of "No! Stop! She doesn't deserve this!"
    Valians only chant "Burn! Burn witch, burn!"
    "Shattak!!!" she would cry out
    Her beautiful fur is gone, and her eyes are seared as the whole cross burns. Shattak lost finally, ashes burst from Shattak in furry. "You want to fight the darkness! Fine! Fight my darkness! Choke on my ash! BUrn in black flame!" Now Valians start to feel the wrath of Shattak, his ashes and black fire swarms everyone as he loses control and laughs "This is what you get when you don't leave us alone! You like that! Huh? DO you! DO you think she liked that! DO you!?" Screams of his prey filled his ears all they all fall by the numbers "I am your god! Lord Shattak! Bow to me for redemption! Bow to your god! I will plague your world! Give you something to fear! I am the true meaning of fear! I am pure darkness! I am, Shattak the Dark!" And in a matter of seconds, everyone was dead, and all the lives Shattak has taken, made his power grow as he laughs maniacally and looks up to Eridole's cross with a smile "You were right, hehehe, you were right along, and now, I will spread my darkness to this world. Sleep easy my love, your time has ended." He says to "Don't worry my love, you will be with me forever... I have an idea on how I can still keep you with me" He says as he approaches her body and begins to chew and swallow her burnt carcas. 

Shattak is now the dark creature he is meant to be, and his temple now reeks of death of the Valians he has killed. It is not enough to satisfy him, he must have blood, he must have darkness. Shattak smiles as he gets a thought. Shattak had all the corpses of his fallen enemies rise and commanded them as his own little armada as they begin their charge to multiple towns, slaughtering many people, no matter who they were: families, kids, adults, infants, the elderly, they were all slaughtered day by day, hour by hour, from town to town. It wasn't long until the king of North Region acted quickly and sent troops to defend more towns, but the undead army grew larger and larger as towns were already destroyed. Knights and mages fell to Shattak's army. The North King decided to go to the king of another region for help, a region where the most powerful Valians live, Valians who were stars born onto the planet. The North King contacted the North-East King to call for the aid of Star Valians. The king of North-East Region acknowledged this dark threat and sent Star Valians to the neighboring region with word of this danger being sent to other kingdoms of the regions.
    It was a good two weeks before the Star Valians arrived to defend, and when they did, Shattak's army was starting to become less of a problem for the kingdom. Shattak took an interest in this "So, there are strong opponents, I'll have some more fun before destroying this world."
    Shattak decided to get up and take action himself. He made his way to the king of the North Region's, castle, alone and when he arrived to his castle, he made a grand entrance of destructive ash bursting through the doors and laughing as guards, knights, mages, even workers at the castle were trapped in Shattak's ashes and as the ash arrives to the king's throne, it stops and Shattak would walk out of the cloud of ash and stand before the king "Ahhh, your highness. Such an honor for you to stand face to face with the god of your world."
    The red and yellow Porcupine of a king looks at Shattak in terror "You're the beast..."
    "Beast, or god? See, when you have a creature of greater power than all other creatures, that one powerful creature in particular is classified as God." 
    "Are you here to kill me?"
    "Kill you? No! No, no, no, of course not. You're too important to just kill. You're going to be of good use to me. After all, I owe you much, I mean, you were the one who sent your people to attack my home in the first place and feed me more power. I thank you, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have opened my eyes to the reality of this world. This is a world where there is no place for darkness. I think it's time to mix things up a little, hmmm? Let's bring darkness to the world! And since the only darkness you know is evil, then I'll be giving you what you want, evil."
    The king shakes "I'm not afraid of you."
    "Of course you are, you're a coward, that's why you sent even your own citizens to my temple, yes? Better you than them hehehe. And you even requested Star Valians to go after my army. If there's one thing I hate, it's a coward, and so, I'm going to take the cowardice out of you. You're going to serve me, serve the darkness."
    After this visit, the king was no longer the same. Shattak had done some things to the North King, put visions in his head, changed him completely. This kingdom now served Shattak and the Star Valians were ordered by the North King to leave. The Valians of North Region have all become worshipers of Shattak, and North Region has become pure black, but Shattak's chaos would not end there, and the Star Valians mission was not over so soon, for they don't truly take orders from the king, they always followed their own path and made their own choices from the very beginning of their existence. After the Star Valians were called off, they began going on a covert mission. Now seeing the power of Shattak would just keep growing, they needed to do something directly to Shattak or things would just get worse. Things indeed got worse. Shattak's power was not at it's fullest, he came to learn that he was only a fragment of power, not being joined with Iblis has proven that he is much weaker than what he could be. He did not want to join with Iblis though, instead, he wanted to just be given his full power. Shattak's clairvoyance had come to his calling, Star Valians are still on the move, intending to stop Shattak with the construction of seven powerful relics to stop him. A smirk would grow on his face, this is just what he needed, seven powerful items put together to help him become powerful in a fusion of a powerful being. Shattak arranged for a sacrificial tribute, He needed seven loyal servants of darkness to complete this ritual, and seven powerful relics to use, it would be simple to do once he finds the right candidates. So he announced to his people that he is in need for seven dark followers, "These followers will live a better life, if you hate your poor state of living, then prove your worth to me, kill what is most important to you, and bring the head of your victim or victims, whatever you have that will hold you back, to me! And you shall live healthy, wealthy, and proud lives, and be a feared individual like myself. I require seven of you!"
    Thousands of people stood up to this offer, wanting to live a better life, but most of them tried to find loopholes and get around the sacrifice, they were killed instantly. It took months, some shown promise, but they weren't what he was looking for. People who were too desperate are often a nuisance to him, but fewer, who understood darkness, had Shattak's interest. A year went by as the seventh dark follower arrived, and Shattak finally had seven dark followers, and called this group, Dark Armada.

    Through this time, the Star Valians were also preparing for the end, working on something to counter Shattak's darkness. Since Shattak was looking for power, the Star Valians decided to look for their own seven powers to counter Shattak. The Star Valians looked for seven powerful mages all over the world to create items powerful enough to stop Shattak. It nearly took years, but finally, seven medallions with great power were created. These medallions however, are only good if the user of a medallion has good intentions, if evil were to take a medallion, it can be used for chaos and ultimate destruction. The clairvoyance of Shattak could see the medallions being made, these symbols with great power is just what Shattak needed to gain his full power, and so he waited for the enemy to make their move, practically bringing the medallions to him.
The mages advanced with Star Valians and brave soldiers towards Shattak's temple, giving a strong fight against the army of Shattak in a major bloodbath. Most of the knights had died, Star Valians had deaths and casualties as well, but the seven mages were mission priority and their lives mattered most in order to defeat Shattak. Just as they have arrived to the temple, Shattak and the Dark Armada were there waiting for them. The mages quickly began to use the sacred symbols, but they were not ready for what could have happened next. Shattak sent each of the seven Dark Armada members after the medallions, and then they all used their darkness and a black pentagram was formed, the members of the Dark Armada did not even realized what was about to happen, but by the time they realized, it was too late even for them. The Dark Armada was then struck by Shattak's darkness and he began to use them for a black sacrifice to use their souls and dark power to feed him enough power and energy, using the medallions to channel the energy. The mages may have made these symbols, but with their inexperience of actually using the symbols, they did not know what action to take. 
    The Dark Armada is dead, and now, Shattak takes on the form of a god, his true form was achieved as he becomes a giant monster with a demented laugh. People watch in horror, some start to lose faith, but the Star Valians still stay determined, and attempt to do something that has never been done before. Seven Star Valians go to each medallion and channel their powers with the medallions to somehow counter Shattak's transforming, but instead, they found greater power and entered a form they have never entered before, combining the power of the medallions with the power of the stars, they became Star-Phased. Their power shined brighter than before and then, they used this power to fight the godly Shattak. This battle lasted hours, they were able to fight, but this fight would go nowhere without some sort of support. The seven mages took on the courage to use the medallions and provide support to the seven Star Valians. They used this power to capture Shattak's darkness in great numbers, sealing him into his own temple as he gets blasted by the shining light of the stars. It was too much for Shattak to take, and he notices that this is not going well for him. "You may have been able to defeat me, but this is still not enough to kill me! You can't kill me! when I return, you won't be able to defeat me a second time!"

Shattak was sealed into his temple, and as years passed, his temple decayed and became nothing but old ruins, and as for the region he destroyed and conquered, there was no fixing it, it has been stained with darkness, the medallions and Star Valians could do nothing for North Region, and so, the whole region became known as the dark region, forever abandoned, and no one would dare travel to a place with such blood and bad history... Until a black and red hedgehog of the stars came in search for more power, and then, the chaos of Shattak returns to Valius to spread chaos to the world, and this time, his darkness will not be stopped.

Shattak's Darkened Form by Parkichu64Untitled Drawing by Parkichu64
I won't be doing some art of my fan characters for a little bit because I will be doing sketches for an MMORPG that some classmates of mine and myself are making. I will be posting technichal and conceptual art of scenery, character design, boss design, and so on from the game.

The game is not yet named, we came up with the idea of the game recently, my role is coding AIs and basic programming and sketching. I also volunteered myself to do 3-D work for it (Helps me practice with 3D art) Our goal is to create a more exciting game with an ACTUAL challenge, unlike what Everquest and World of Warcraft have become now. Map will be large, there will be a lot of creatures to fight, bosses will be rage inducing, and the world is very old fashioned in medieval times with magic and such, many creatures of myth.

SO yeah, that's why I'm stopping with Sonic fancharacters for now. I have some of my fancharacter drawings already done, those last few images will be posted.
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Thank you so much. It means a lot.
I sure will :3
Bordowa Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
Ptysiowethx by Bordowa   Thanxwatch by Bordowa 
Parkichu64 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! I love the media you have posted in the comment, that's really cool. 
Kiriga-me Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, hi! Thanks for the watch! QwQ
You actually make my day! TwT
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